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mainly focus on car rent and all types of tour experiences. The company is well equipped with new version of technology and very ethic staffs. It is our pleasure and assurance of quality service provider to be one of the national and regional accredited tours and car rental company. We strongly work on what customers need by conducting a regular and periodic marketing research and provide a tailor made tourism experiences. Providing all type of tourism experiences make us different.

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Special Events


Ashenda is a womens celebration mostly located in tigray and some part of amhara region. it has been ...

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Timket - epiphany

timket is widely celebrated around Ethiopia, mainly in Addis abebe. But it is celebrated everywhere

meskel - founding of the cross

meskel is mainly celebrated in Adigrat, it is holiday for Christians. it is the day that queen Ellen found the cross ...

Al-njashi wukro

This is the first mosque built in Ethiopia after Muslims came to Ethiopia. King Nejashi, the king of Ethiopia ...

Abreha we atsbeha - wukro

it is a church found 7 km away form city called wukro. It was built by Twin Kings, abreha and atsbeha, in 345 AC ...

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hidar tsion - aksum

it is widely celebrated holiday, Hidar 21 is the day of the celebration in Ethiopian calander.

Explore The beauty in ethiopia

we are really dedicated in helping you to have best time in here. We promise to provide more than you need, after all we Ethiopian are known for our hospitality. Come to us, see how much we care …

Places and events that should be part of it

Here we present you the best things you could find in Northern Ethiopia. Not just places you could find, also special occasions or festivals you should be part of. We hope we could be with you in this journey, we also promise to make good use of your time if you choose us as your tour guidance 

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Our Gallary

These are a collection of our latest photos form trips in the aksum, gonder, lalibela, wukro, adigrat, and afar. we hope you could enjoy watching these.