Who Farus is?

Farus is a term that is familiar to Saho (Irob’s language) speakers; usually it is a name which is given for a brave ox or strong riding horse. Tesfay Berhe is the company’s owner and he is striving to bring a dramatical change in the general history of Ethiopia’s tourism activities and society’s wellbeing. Naming of the company is highly related with Tesfay’s grandfather. Tesfay’s granddad was a farmer and hard worker, in addition to that he had an ox named ‘Farus’ which is given by Tesfay’s grandmother family to Tesfay’s grandfather in the time of marriage as a dowry. The ox was brave and hard worker, furthermore the ox was well trained and lessoned by Tesfay’s grandfather, that was the reason for the braveness and hardworking of the ox. Consequently Tesfay decided to name the company’s name Farus, to show that the company is working hard and diligent to satisfy what customers need and to remember his grandfather.


By being use of the local community, promoting tourism resources of Ethiopia, and practicing sustainable tourism; Farus Ethiopia opened with the intention of providing exotic tourism experiences and car rent, consequently giving the edge of customers’ satisfaction.



By running with the new version of technological advancement and customer requests, Farus Ethiopia will be the top five fore-mentioned Tours and car rental overall the country and top three throughout Tigrai region by 2025.

Core Values

  • Promoting cultural, natural and mixed heritages of the community
  • Encouraging the local economy
  • Practicing green tourism
  • Maintaining the safety and security of tourists